Automated hedge fund administration

Automated hedge fund administration

Automated hedge fund administration has long been desired by investment managers.  We at Charter Group Fund Administration Ltd (CGFA) aim to provide exactly that.  We use intelligent systems to provide efficient and effective fund administration services.


With automated data feeds for pricing, corporate actions and connectivity enabling automated data flows with custodians and prime brokers, there is much that is automated. In addition to this, either push button or scheduled valuations allow for automatic mark-to-market and fee calculations. However, while the aim is always to automate as much as possible, it is important to have skilled and experienced staff on hand to ensure not only that valuations are produced in a timely manner without disruption to the workflow, but also that they make sense and are in line with expectations.


Automated fund administration

Automated hedge fund administration or automatic fund administration sounds straightforward and simple in theory, and in some instances can be, but there are often times when human intervention is required. Complex corporate actions, restructures, cancelled trades or trade breaks and many other scenarios all require human intelligence.



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