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Since 2010, Charter Group Fund Administration Ltd (CGFA) has provided fund administration services for established boutiques, hedge funds, managed accounts, new launches, crypto funds and more. We service funds domiciled in most offshore jurisdictions. If you want fund administration that gives you an edge, contact us now.

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We are dedicated to consistently provide an efficient, relevant and high quality service enabling fund managers to utilise their time more effectively
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Hedge Funds

The alternative investment space is our primary focus and we provide an all-encompassing outsourced fund administration solution for hedge fund managers enabling them to focus on their core functions. These funds are typically domiciled in the Cayman Islands or BVI.
Hedge Funds
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We understand complex instruments and derivatives and provide either full administration services or independent fee, NAV, and return reviews for your core portfolio. Having an independent party calculate returns enhances the integrity of your fund and reported returns.
Commodity Trading Advisors
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Listed Funds

We maintain the accounting records for listed funds as well as providing ongoing NTA or NAV updates to the CSX, ISE, and other exchanges around the world, and together with our registry and custody partners are able to offer a full service offering.
Listed Funds
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Crypto funds

Crypto funds are a sophisticated sphere of the investment arena. We understand and cater for the fee structures and valuation requirements of funds trading in blockchain and other crypto assets and derivatives. With our fiduciary network, we’re able to offer a full service solution.
Crypto asset funds


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